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The collective and geograpich mark "DiValenza" which gathers an represent the goldsmithery distric of Valenza Italy) in collaboration with JoyItalianLuxury ( has set a special sale of jewelry handcrafted in the goldsmith district of Valenza.

The proceeds from the special sale will be donated in full to the "mesothelioma and rare tumors" unit of the hospital of Alessandria directed by Dr. Federico Grosso to deal with the post COVID emergency -19. All that with the participation of the SolidAL Foundation and its Chairman, dr. Antonio Maconi.

In such a dramatic moment, the goldsmith consortium of the DiValenza does not stand and watch the game. It does so with a particular initiative, the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to the "SS Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo" hospital in Alessandria, "Mesothelial units and rare tumors", to help the sick who, once the Covid emergency is over -19, they will need even more psychological support. From Wednesday 1st April, five different jewels will be available for purchase on the JoyItalianLuxury platform (, particularly in shape and meaning.



Three bracelets with adjustable lanyard, a jacket pin, two necklaces with a large heart and a necklace with a smaller heart are all immediately available, all in pink gold, diamonds and tricolor enamel. They are jewels made for the traditional Convivio 2018 charity event, supported by Franca Sozzani, director of Vogue Italia for many years, and now available again, always with a noble purpose.

The jewels will continue to be purchasable and will be put into production as soon as the companies in the goldsmith district of Valenza resume their production.

The goldsmith coming from the goldsmithery district of valenza who handcrafted these jewels will participate to the initiative by donating a large part of the cost of the jewel while JoyItalianLuxury (the virtual store of the DiValenza) will donate the all giving up on any profit.


Here are the words of Dr. Federica Grosso, head of the mesothelioma and rare tumors department of the Alessandria Hospital:

"I am really happy that DiValenza has chosen to donate the proceeds from the sale of the jewelry to the oncology department of the ASO of Alessandria. In our structure, already in normal situations, the management of inpatients requires a particular commitment. We try to guarantee them a 360 degree assistance, also taking care of everything related to the psychological aspects. Cancer patients are often characterized by frailty, and certainly the emergency period we are experiencing at, will affect their balance as well. After the Covid-19 emergency, we will need psychological support for all our patients and caregivers, both for those affected by the virus and for those who experienced it as a bystander. We will therefore use the funds raised for this purpose".

Dr. Antonio Maconi, Chairmen of the SOLIDAL foundation (, reached by telephone by Barbara Rizzi of DiValenza to inform him about the initiative, he welcomed the effort of the goldsmithery district in this particular moment of health emergency and thanked heartily for the concrete help.



Barbara Rizzi


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