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1. What it has to do glamour and sporting?

If you always want to cut a dash, even when you are at a tennis lesson or in the green playing golf, don’t forget to wear your jewellery outfit.  

2. A spring summer 2020 fashion outfit easy to keep in the court ?

Here it is: tennis suit alongside your ring, bracelet and earrings twinset .

That bling bling match that has the power to make your outfit less sporty and more glamour. Everything is played not only on the tennis racket but on the choice of your jewel which, even in its most discreet version, has the aim of capturing attention on your lifestyle. The right jewels have the power to "dress" and give a twist to a minimal or sporty look.

3. What should you wear?

In detail, it is recommend to wear earring, ring and bracelet in a colorful twinset. It’s a way to give bright to your face and to your eyes to forget the smoky air of the city and to open the ceiling of the country side.

If you want the best from the goldsmithery tradition related to "Made in Italy" get inspired by the virtual shop of the goldsmith artisan producers from the gold district of Di Valenza.

3. Do you want to know more about how to choose your jewel?

Ask to your personal shopper at the goldsmith district number ONE in Italy:  ask the DiValenza Goldsmith Brand Consortium by writing to