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The DIVALENZA Goldsmith Consortium is the owner of the homonymous collective & geographical mark registered in Italy and in over 36 Countries all over the world (#Divalenza). The institutional function of the DIVALENZA Consortium is to promote and at the same time guarantee the origin of the jewels handcrafted in the gold district of Valenza (ITALY).

In Italy, the town of Valenza symbolizes the most ancient Italian goldsmith center for handcrafting high jewelry. Valenza is actually boasting a two hundred-year jewelry tradition that all of you can read and check by acceding to the online documents & pictures listed at the website "Archivi Orafi Valenza" ( ) and kept in paper form at the library of the Municipal House of Culture of Valenza.

"DIVALENZA – goldsmith's mark" is a collective & geographic mark of origin and territory. It links the goldsmithery heritage to the lands of Valenza and its artistic and inspired innovation elements can be appreciated in each single jewel handcrafted there.

The Consortium's mission can be summarized as follows:
  • To guarantee the quality of materials and the geographical origin of jewels handcrafted in the gold distric of Valenza.
  • To Ensure compliance by consortium members with environmental and labor protection regulations.
  • To promote the production of the consortium members, also abroad, to operators in the gold sector and to the consumer public.
  • To protect the products of the consortium members against any abusive activity aimed at obtaining an undue advantage from the image and / or reputation of these or to harm them.
  • To contribute to the development of the consortium's production, also in terms of quality, and its adaptation to the needs and tastes of the market.