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The Jewel of Valenza and the tradition of Made in Italy. The goldsmith district of Valenza and its tradition of over two hundred and fifty years told by the Consortium of the DIVALENZA Goldsmith Mark

1. What Made in Italy stands for?

Made in Italy is an expression that evokes the idea of ​​Italian products all over the world. The reason for the fame of this expression that over time has become a real brand, can be seen through the quality that characterizes Italian artisan and industrial excellence. From footwear to pret à porter, from bicycles to cars, without forgetting the culinary excellence, the Italian products that bear this title are particularly sought in the world markets for their quality and their reliability but for the design too.

2. So what is Made in Italy when it comes to jewelry?

Made in Italy is the perfect mix between the past and the modernity that synthesizes the love of beauty alongside the artisan knowledge. All tha gave Italy the world leadership in jewelery and goldsmithery production. Valenza, with its organic district, represents - without any doubt - the Italian gold distric for excellence. 

3. What is the oldest and most famous goldsmith district in Italy?

In Italy there is a thriving luxury industry, of international renown, represented by the gold districts dottet along the peninsula. The oldest and most renowned district in terms of business volume and number of companies / employees, is with no doubt, that one from Valenza, which is the most well-known and important production districts in the jewelery sector at international level. The small and industrious town of Valenza is located a short distance from the big cities of Northern Italy such as Genoa, Turin and Milan (it is no coincidence that it is said it's right in the middle of the industrial triangle of the North-West area) Valenza district gets involved eight contiguous municipalities (between the territories of the Regions of Piedmont and Lombardy) where high-end jewelery and goldsmith item are handcrafted and then sold. As a matter of fact, the small Piedmontese town of Valenza has the highest goldsmith density in Italy, the largest number of goldsmith and jewelery artisan firms and perfectly mixes the solid tradition of high craftsmanship with a great capacity for technical, stylistic and material innovation. The high level of design, a lively production fabric, highly qualified professional training centers and a tradition of goldsmith production rooted in the territory, let Valenza be the prime target for luxury buyers and curious and passionate.

4. What are the big brands present in the goldsmith district of Valenza?

The goldsmith district of Valenza claims the headquarters of the Maison Damiani (which by 2021 will move to the biggest former PalaFiere); the largest manufacturing plant in Europe of Maison Bulgari and in 2023 it will greet the inauguration of the new plant of Maison Cartier.

5. Beyond the goldsmith district of Valenza, what are the other Italian gold production districts?

Gold craftsmanship is a very widespread profession in Italy and has deep local and regional roots, where companies are often manage by families from age to age. To show this typically Italian artistic vocation, other gold districts should be mentioned. One of them is the goldsmith-silversmith of Vicenza, which specializes in the production of gold chains and silver pottery, including tableware. Then there is the gold district of Arezzo, a city known for its quality jewelery production and for its training and research centers, but also for having historically supplied its gold items to the biggest jewelers in Florence. Finally the mention is for the Neapolitan goldsmith district that winds along a chain that goes from Naples to Torre del Greco, which is renowned above all for the processing of red coral.